Bowel Movement Color - Bowel Disorder Diagnosis From Color of the Stool

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Many people not even know what a normal bowel movement is. It's just because we do not think about it ever. But it is important to know about the normal bowel movement color and about the changes that may occur in this regard. Such information would help you know your bowel movement properly and help you stay healthy. The normal bowel movement color is brown and the frequency is thrice a day to thrice every week. The frequency may vary person to person.

But if you have it less than 3 times a week, you may have constipation problem whereas more than 3 times a day indicates diarrhea. As far as the size and shape are concerned the normal stool is soft & easy to pass. The size & shape is similar to that of a sausage.

Changes in the stool color indicate the bowel disorders. Here are some points related to the bowel movement color that may help you diagnose the bowel disorder:

· Black: Black stool with a foul smell is caused due to excessive intake of iron supplements or due to internal bleeding. Black or red stools indicate internal bleeding anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract.

· Maroon or Red: It may be because of taking red colored food items. It may also be caused due to hemorrhoids, colon cancer, anal fissures or inflammatory bowel diseases.

· Green: The reason for this may be over consumption of green leafy vegetables and fruits. The other reason is the decreased transit time.

· Pale: Pale stools or clay colored stools is caused by the lack of bile salt and antacids.

· Orange: Orange colored stools are due to some medications. It is also because of the food items that have high beta carotene; these include pumpkin, apricots, water-squash, sweet potatoes, mangoes & carrots.

Persistent change in the bowel movement color can be a serious problem and needs to be investigated by some physician.

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Bowel Movement Color - Bowel Disorder Diagnosis From Color of the Stool

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This article was published on 2010/04/03