Bowel Movements Per Day - How Many Bowel Movements a Day is Normal For a Human?

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Normal bowel movements vary from person to person. Their frequency & consistency is decided by your day to day activities and your eating habits. In order to read the abnormality in your bowel movements you have to notice the changes in bowel color, shape of stools, frequency, consistency, odor, etc. Normal stool is middle brown in color and smooth.

How many Bowel Movements per day are normal for human body

People usually have a myth that only 1 bowel movement per day is normal. Fact is that there are no fix numbers. This only depends on your body and your lifestyle. Generally people have 3 to 4 movements every day. Below that some times people have the issues like constipation etc. Going above that indicates diarrhea. Another indication of diarrhea is having a watery stool.

How do we judge the Normal Bowel Movements per day?

· If you eat your meals thrice a day, you must have 3 bowel movements a day and likewise with two meals it becomes 2.

· This also depends on emotional condition along with the diet factor.

· The best is to feel the urge on fixed hours. People do feel the urge in the morning time and during late nights.

· While pushing the stool you must not need to push yourself or strain your self. If must flow off naturally.

· One normal bowel movement should not take more than 5 minutes.

· Your stool should have diameter equal to half of your wrists' width.

· Next, the stool should neither be too hard to pass nor too long & stringy.

· Soft and watery stools are not normal.

· Normal stool is medium brown colored. It must not be maroon, yellow or grey though it may contain certain colors of the food items that you consumed recently.

· It must not have a foul smell if the waste product is the result of food items taken within 24 hours.

So even if you have 4 bowel movements per day it is not unhealthy until it is normal in color and you have no problems passing it.

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Bowel Movements Per Day - How Many Bowel Movements a Day is Normal For a Human?

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This article was published on 2010/04/03